Top Ten Health Benefits of playing Ping pong

Top Ten Health Benefits of playing Ping pong

Ping-Pong is an excellent game to play in the evenings or during weekends with friends. It enables you to relax after a long day’s work.  You can enjoy a game of Ping-Pong indoors or outdoors. Unlike other games that require a track and expensive equipment, you can easily fit a Ping-Pong game table in your backyard and call over friends for a game. The game is suitable for seniors as it does not out so much strain on your muscles.

We all understand that there health benefits when you engage in sports. But, all the games are not the same. Some games do not engage all parts of your body. Ping-Pong requires a lot of coordination, flexibility, and balance; which are important for delivering the most health benefits. We will explore top ten health benefits that should inspire you to engage in a game of table tennis.

  1. Fitness levels
    The game can be played by people of all ages. The greatest effect of playing ping-pong is its role in cardiovascular muscles. It helps strengthen your shoulder,back and lower muscles. As you move from one place to another, your lungs take in a lot of air and more blood is pumped to your body. Ping-pong game is a great way to stay fit. People who engage in the game have reduced chances of getting diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases.
  2. Weight loss
    People who play the game are able to shed extra calories. You do not need to go to the gym to shed weight when you can have fun and lose weight at the same time. The game requires you to make many movements with your hands and feet. Ping-Pong is a rapid game that requires you to swing and move your feet fast. The next time you hit the weighting scale you will notice a considerable change in your weight.
  3. Brain coordination
    Ping-pong requires you to remain focused during the game. This mental alertness helps in both hand and eye coordination. There is usually increased blood flow when you are playing ping-pong. This has the long-term effect of reducing the chances of getting Alzheimer. When you are playing the game you will need to strategize and predict your opponents next move. This helps in memory processing zones.  A study done in Japan showed that playing table tennis for just 10 minutes can lead to increased activity in the prefrontal cortex and cerebellum.
  4. Beneficial to older people
    The game does not cause a lot of strain on muscles; this makes it an excellent game for old people. Older people benefit from fast decision-making processes due to the fast ball speeds and spins required to win the game. The game helps to generate feel good hormones that reduce stress levels. Ping-pong helps old people maintain their balance and keep fit.
  5. Improving core muscles
    There are various joints that you need to exercise in a game of ping pong. The arm, legs and shoulders are all required to bolster movement. Frequent players tend to have stronger arms, legs and experience fewer back problems. When you are chasing the ball at very high speeds almost al your joints are been used.
  6. Better eye and hand coordination
    Your hand has to hit the ball at the right moment in order for you to win the game. This requires coordination between the eye and the hand. The brain will stimulate the right neurons that will send signals to your hand when the ball is coming at high speed. This also boosts your reflexes. The ball is hit at very high speeds of up to 70 miles per hour.
  7. Burn calories
    Ping-pong involves a lot of movement. You fully engage your arm and legs when swinging the ball. The game is very intense and your body is able to burn a lot calories within a very short time. It is estimated that you can burn around 200 to 300 calories in an hour. When compared to other games table tennis is one of the best calorie burning games. And you do this while having fun at the same time.
  8. Bonding helps reduce stress levels
    It cannot be understated that when you engage in sports with people you love stress levels are often reduced. Playing Ping-pong is an excellent way to relax after a strenuous day in the office. It has been noted that the stress hormone cortisol is produced when you engage in intensive sports. The hormone supports energy metabolism in the body. When you play the game at home it helps in better communication skills and keeps bolsters togetherness in the family.

    It has also been found that a game of table tennis increases the production of testosterone. This hormone is responsible for protein synthesis and helps repair damaged muscles.

  9. Good for body joints
    Several medical practitioners have recommended table tennis to their patients who are suffering from back problems. This is because the game helps you stretch your joints without putting so much strain on them. This is especially the case for seniors who may hurt their muscles in other games. The good part about the game is that you can easily set up a table in your backyard and invite friends over.
  10. Developing of tactical thinking skills
    In order to win the game you will need to strategize. This means been tactical. The skills that you learn from table tennis can be extended to other areas of life. Tactical skills help you think fast and improves memory retention.


Ping-pong is an excellent game to play with family and friends. The game can be played by people of all ages and is one of the top games preferred by elderly people. A table tennis table can be set up anywhere there is space and acts as a good way for people to bond. The health benefits from playing table tennis are numerous. If you are looking for want to stay fit and at the same time have some fun with family and friends then we would recommend you to try table tennis.

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