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Can You Become More Skilled at Casino Games? 3 Games You Can Practice For

Casinos are famous across the world for being the home of chance and luck. This is a common oversight as, with several games, you can significantly improve your chances of winning by having a strong knowledge of the game, a strategy, and a bit of skill; not everything rests in the lap of Lady Luck.

Below, we’ll run through three casino pursuits that offer a bit more control to players who’ve done their homework.

Blackjack – Source: Pixabay


One game that is closely poised between luck and skill is blackjack. People playing blackjack based on “gut instinct” are playing the game based on luck. However, blackjack is a game of numbers; a game of percentages. By following a set strategy of when to stick, when to twist, and when to split, you are significantly increasing your chances of success.

For example, if you get a 7 and an 8, making 15, should you stand or hit? A luck-based player will decide based on his instinct but that instinct is completely blind. A smarter strategy would be to see what the dealer is holding. If the dealing is holding a 7 or higher, statistically, you have a better chance if you hit. But if the dealer is holding a 6 or lower, you should stick. You may not win every hand but, in the long run, your strategy will beat that of a “lucky” player.

This is a strategy that will work especially well with some of the best online casinos, with whom you can even practice using a range of bonuses and sign-up offers. LeoVegas is currently offering a £1,000 welcome bonus and 222 free spins, for instance.


While many see roulette as a game of pure chance, there are various strategies one can employ in order to give you a more structured way of playing. Managing your bankroll and increasing your chances of winning over a short-term period should obviously be central to your roulette strategy. But, more importantly: have a plan. Know what you’re trying to achieve and don’t lose sight of that goal.

Indeed, when getting to grips with roulette – or even with blackjack or poker strategies for that matter – making use of free bonuses is a great low-risk way of practising your bets. You’ve also got a much better chance of winning if you learn the difference between your Fibbonacci and your D’Alembert, your Oscar’s Grind from your Martingale; all famous strategies that can offer a hand in a range of circumstances at the roulette table.

Poker – Source: Pixabay


The most famous casino game of skill is undoubtedly poker – including live and video poker. While luck may have an effect on the short term, it is over the long-term that there is a huge gulf in success between skilled and unskilled poker players.

Indeed, there are few games involving gambling that have high numbers of “professional players” but that is not the case with poker. There are thousands of professional poker players around the world who make a living from the game. Then, there are many players who make some helpful extra cash from poker, playing both in brick and mortar casinos and online. This is due to the strategies they employ.

However, getting to the level of a professional poker player takes years of study and practice, with live poker, in particular, an excellent way to get to grips with the game. There are countless books about poker, from the art of bluffing to the statistical side of the game, to betting strategies for maximum success – none so more famous than the “bible of poker”, Doyle Brunson’s Super System.

And there we have it. Three casino pursuits in which you can improve your chances with a bit of practice.

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