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Was There Life Before the Smartphone?

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  • Look about you and no matter where you happen to be you are going to be able to see someone either holding or using their smartphone. Whether they are just holding it (as some seem not to be able to be parted from their phones) or using to browse for good or services, chat with friend or family or play at bingo sites that accept PayPal there is going to be someone, all the time, with a smartphone in their hand.

    Of course, the absolute convenience of being able to say, play a game of bingo when and where you choose is a very big pull, and it might surprise some to know that bingo (yes bingo) is now considered one of the coolest games you can play. This label that the once ‘old fashioned’ game has now earned is down to the social aspect of the game as well as the game of bingo being fun and simple to play. Being simple to play also means that a game can be picked up for a couple of minutes whilst waiting in a queue or players can settle down for an hour or so to enjoy a full session.

    It’s so easy to take our smartphones for granted, we have the entire world at our fingertips, but it was not really that long ago that used to call our mobile phones ‘bricks’ and for very good reasons too. We were actually a world away from the pocket computers we have today as yesterday’s mobiles did little else then send a text or make a call.

    Just imagine a world without Google Maps or Candy Crush, no games, casinos or YouTube?

    Whether you are an iPhone user, Android of Windows user, you have everything you need right at your fingertips and with only a couple of clicks you can browse, pay and play for your favourite games.

    In fact, we have become so used to our smartphones being about us that to lose one is more than a minor disaster (just ask anyone who had left theirs in the back of a taxi)

    Also, people got lost, a great deal of the time as just a few years ago, get this, print out direction from our desktops if we needed to go anywhere unknown.

    How easy is it to make an order for food online? Well believe it or not pre-smartphone if you wanted fish and chips, you had to call the chip shop from the flyer that was posted through your letterbox, and that was if you were lucky, as many take outs didn’t even deliver.

    Oh, and if you needed a taxi on a busy period you were in for a wait on a busy road waving frantically for an hour or so, and when you finally managed to hail one down you had to pay for it, in cash.

    No dating apps either, you had to go and meet people in real, no phubbing, no instant payments using your phone.

    Would we go back?

    Not likely!

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