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Facts About Video Games And Movies

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  • You need to keep in mind that many films are inspired by Video games. There are movie makers who are inspired by the characters and story lines developed by video games. Such movies are expected to succeed both commercially and critically.

    Hollywood’s Quest

    For over many years, Hollywood icons have been aiming at taking a big bite from the video games. There are a number of reasons behind this.

    • One main reason is that some of the top rated video games have managed to gain immense popularity in the current media market. They have made a sales that have crossed some of the major motion movie sales.
    • Halo Guardian’s release have managed to cross a collection of over USD 400 Million in just first week after its release.
    • Many Hollywood top icons are aiming at purchasing the copy rights of this famous Si-Fi game.
    • The movie was initially inspired by the original Halo combat Game storyline that was released in 2001 and managed to make a collection of over 5 billion USD as sales revenue.
    • According to the latest updates from the media market, in the year 2016, Holly wood managed to make a collection of over 30.4 billion dollars from Video games sales.
    • For past many years Hollywood has been focusing on these growing numbers and so they have also tried implementing video games themes in their movies.
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    • Some such hit series includes names like Street fighter, Assassin’s creed, Mario Brothers, Doom, Tomb Raiders etc.
    • Due to lack of technology advancement these movies did not succeed much in generating popularity as the video games did.
    • One of the latest exceptions is the new release Resident Evil, that had managed to gain a lot of popularity and generate best income overall at the box office despite its weak story line.

    Why adaptation is not hundred percent possible?

    For some reasons, video games are always considered as best platforms that can adapt to a movie. Making use of present time advanced technology, any game play can be created to attribute cinematic feel. Some such features include:-

    • Dazzling visual and art effects.
    • Superior quality advanced graphics.
    • Detailed mythologies within narrative framework.
    • Best quality voice casting support.

    In most cases, Hollywood may not succeed 100 percent in adapting to the compete video game based theme. There may also be chances that not many people may actually be interested in watching a movie that is not well created on video game inspired theme.

    Final verdicts

    Optimist mainly believe, that video games can easily be adapted to the Hollywood movie based theme. But Adapting Hollywood to the original track video game may not be easy task. You need to keep in mind that movie making is not an easy task and if that task has to adapt to the video game based theme, then it gets more complex.

    It is important for movies to maintain a great story line for the audiences. This is one factor that will keep them attracted to the movie at the theatre.

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