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Top Movies of 2017

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  • As the year 2017 nearly comes to an end, it has to be agreed upon that a cavalcade of excellent movies has made this year better. Let’s get ahead of the awards season, and look back at some of the best movies so far.

    All I See is You

    Starring Blake Lively, All I See is You, has been directed by Marc Forster. The actress gives an outstanding performance in this strange and mind-catching psychological trailer. The plot of the movie tells the story of Gina (Blake Lively), a blind woman who stays with her husband (Jason Clarke) in Bangkok. After an experimental surgery, Gina’s vision is partially restored. However, this changes her marriage forever. This movie is not a common domestic drama! Forster depicts this movie as a sane and expressive one.

    Wonder Woman

    Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman is the 2017 release of DC Comics. Released in June, the movie is about Diana, princess of Amazons, who becomes Wonder Woman. Since early age, Diana (Gal Gadot) was trained to be a warrior on the lone island where she grew up. She leaves her paradise island and goes out to help the world, after meeting an American pilot. She courageously fights amongst the mean, and discovers her full powers and real destiny. At Lucky Pants Bingo- the best site to play online bingo, you can relive some scenes of this movie by playing Wonder Woman Gold slots. You can even visit Lucky Pants Bingo’s Facebook Page where quizzes about guess the movie are often posted… and you will be rewarded with amazing freebies.

    War for the Planet of Apes

    War for the Planet of Apes came to the cinemas in July and has been directed by Matt Reeves. Caesar (Andy Serkis) and his apes are forced to combat an army of humans, which are on a mission to kill them. The apes suffer great losses and this led Caesar to combat his inner demons, and to lead a solo revenge quest. His journey finally brings him face to face to the killer, the Colonel. The ending scene shows the epic battle which determine which species will rule.


    This Marvel X-Men spin-off was most awaited by many people, and it did blow their minds when it came to the theatres. Many of the scenes of this movie are incredibly violent and so realistic. The X-Men are almost dead or have been exterminated while the military and Big Pharma are doing strange experiments on kids. Overall, this movie directed by James Mangold, tells the tales of Wolverine and his daughter. Hugh Jackman is still muscled up and execute his role perfectly… but at the end of the movie, his animal rage turns into mute despair.


    Released in September, IT is all about the monster which follows! This well-written movie is about friendship and will make you nostalgic, while you scream in terror. This movie from director Andres Muschietti, is a reprise of Stephan King’s novel of the same name. Seven young children face their worst nightmare- the old evil clown which lives in the sewer is back after 27 years to prey on them. Bonding together through the summer, the friends must fight their deepest fears to defeat the clown known as Pennywise.

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