Office of the General Counsel Episode 21 – That Limousine Riding, Jet Flying, Kiss Stealing, Wheelin’ N’ Dealin’ Son of a Gun

Attorney Edward A. Coleman, Esq. kicks the show off in a glum manner. He thanks the listeners for listening and recounts his abduction for sympathy. Ed bores producer Ken Lucas with the details of his illness. We cut to the Guess My Middle Name contest and announce Don Becker as the winner. Congrats Don! We will contact you shortly about your prizes. Ed reads some hate mail and then proclaims that he is so down that he didn’t schedule a guest. Ken offers to bring in a special friend to help cheer Ed up and then we hear another excerpt from Strunk & White. Ed answers another Ask An Attorney question by mega-fan David Shimomura and then we hear a word from our sponsor, Fun Laboratories. We return from our break with our special guest, Head of the Motivational and Emotional Empathy Department, and Man of 1004 Sayings, John ‘Hambone’ McGuire. Hambone comes forth and whips Ed into shape with his fiery words. Ed is rejuvenated and Hambone graces us with his slogan, “Lead with your dick and follow your heart”. Ed tries to close the show and Hambone shares his 3 rules with us.

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