Office of the General Counsel Episode 19 – No Time to Wallow in the Mire

Edward A. Coleman, Esq. starts the show with a rundown of events that led to his supposed abduction. Producer Ken Lucas disagrees. Ed then explains every detail of his harrowing experience. We find out that Ed fell into the Gowanus Canal and is plagued with a toxic virus. Ian stops in to hang out and imbue Ed with positive vibes. Out of nowhere, Ed accuses Ted Goldman of being the mole. Ed replies to tweets regarding the “Guess My Middle Name?” and “Ask an Attorney” segments and then we hear a word from this week’s sponsor, DAT. After the break, we are joined by our guest, Human Resources Director, Janet Jort. After an aggressive back and forth between Janet and Ed, we end the show on an inappropriate note.

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Music by Kevin MacLeod

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