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Best MOBA Character Designs

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  • MOBA video games reached such a popularity in recent years that there’s no chance on earth you haven’t heard about at least one of the characters from this sort of games by now. Either it’s from Dota, Dota 2, League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm, the characters are what makes MOBA games what they are today. But what’s the recipe for creating the best MOBA character? Let’s have a look at the best ones out there and try to figure it out together.

    Johanna from Heroes of the Storm

    This character really frightens enemies and it’s a common joke that when someone in the opposite team picks Johanna, it’s best to just go AFK until the game is over. It’s a very good MOBA character due to her unique skills and attributes. The main thing that attracts players is her ability to turn her skin into iron and take very little damage for seconds in a row. This makes Johanna a very good character to control for players that are still learning how to play.

    It’s almost impossible to get killed when playing her. The overall design of the character reflects her ability to stop attacks since she is covered in plating and has a huge shield that can easily protect her entire body. To keep things in balance though, the developers from Blizzard decided that she will not be able to inflict much damage.

    Nidalee from League of Legends

    A typical champion from League of Legends, Nidalee is perfectly designed to harass opponents. Her long range attacks via javelin, the ability to set traps, heal and boost attack speeds make her a really good MOBA character. But the reason why players love this character so much is her ability to take the form of a panther and even alternate between the two states.

    Puck from Dota 2

    Since Dota 2 is is the most-played eSport out there, and most probably the most frequent esports bet pick, there was no chance in the world a character from the game wouldn’t make this list. Many might wonder why Puck though. Well, because of the way it was designed and contoured by the guys at Blizzard. Even though it is a small character and one that was designed to look rather harmless, Puck has a very remarkable skill set and in the hands of a good player, it can become literally unbeatable.

     Illidan – again from Heroes of the Storm

    Since symmetry is such a nice thing to maintain, the last character on this list is also part of the Heroes of the Storm universe (or Warcraft if we were to take things one step beyond). Illidan is the perfect definition of a good guy gone bad. He was the first demon hunter but betrayed his own people and how he’s cursed to live the life of a lone assassin in the Outland. The whole story beyond this remarkable character, along with his awesome blades and badass game-art, make Illidan a real point of reference when it comes to creating great MOBA characters.

    So there you go, a list of characters that, although different, really manage to tell a story about how a great MOBA character should be designed. Who’s your favorite MOBA character?

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