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A detailed Guide To eSports Betting

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  • The eSports scene has grown bigger and bigger for each year and recently we’ve seen bookmakers and sponsors bringing in big investments in tournaments and teams. The recent years of world-breaking numbers in terms of spectators has made it obvious for the audience that eSports is here to stay. It’s not a coincidence nor an surprise that casinos and bookmakers raised their eye towards esports, just like they did for sports like football, basketball and ice hockey. The concept of esports betting is fairly new to the scene, especially for real money. In CS:GO for example there’s been years of “skin betting”, which means that you can bet for in-game items which you later can exchange for real money. You gain items by participating in CS:GO matches or by buying “skin cases” in the steam shop.

    The progression has been so volatile that it’s been expected that by the year 2020 the market of eSports betting will reach approximately $25 to $30 billion. That’s pretty huge figure, specifically when the eSports are still under certain restrictions.

    What is eSports Betting?

    The first professional video game competition was organized in 1972 and that was the time when eSports has gained official status. Being part of a highly advanced gaming world, where competitive battles is being watched by thousands in modern stadiums and by millions at home, made it certain for the bookmakers that this is just like any other competitive sport, electronic or not. With an audience comes possibilities, and Sports betting is just that – a possibility to add more to the game by checking the ncaa tournament lines. More excitement and endeavour. More of everything.

    Just like football where you can bet on “last minute goals”, “goals from corners” or a Wayne Rooney penalty by the 67 minute, you can bet on who will win the knife round, pistol rounds etc. The possibilities is many which suits all kind of players. From free bets to money bets, from rounds to kills.

    Counter Strike is the most popular competitive first person shooter, however in esports there’s far more games to bet on. If you’re not a headshot-running maniac, don’t fear – there’s plenty of options. Everything  from the most popular MOBA games in Dota 2 and LoL to fighting games like tekken.

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    Highly Preferred eSports Games:

    As mentioned previously, there are numerous games available that people can bet on. I’m gonna take a minute to go through them here.

    Counter-Strike:Global Offensive (CS:GO)

    Counter Strike has been around since the 90s, a game with huge history and the kingpin of first person shooters (FPS). CS:GO is one of many new releases since the first counter strike beta, however, the core elements and rules is still there.

    There’s 2 teams of 5, Counter-terrorists and Terrorists. The objective of the Terrorist is to kill everyone in the opposite team or plant a bomb before the round time runs out. If the time runs out, the round goes to the counter-terrorist for preventing the bomb to be planted. If the bomb is planted, the counter terrorists needs to defuse the bomb before it detonates.

    You play 15 rounds per side, first to 16 rounds wins the game. After 15 rounds, you switch sides so the terrorists plays as counter-terrorists and vice versa. This means that if the first half ends 13-2 to the terrorists, they will only need 3 rounds as counter-terrorists to win the map. A competitive game is usually played over 3 maps.


    League of Legends

    If you prefer something more fantasy and less realistic, LoL would be the most suitable game. With it’s stunning visuals and fast paced gameplay you’re hooked from the start. The importance of team spirit is essential in order to come out on-top of team fights.

    Just as CS:GO, you play 2 teams of 5. You choose between a various number of champions with different attributes and spells. It’s important to pick champions that compliment each other well, where you mix tanks, supporting healers and high damage dealers.

    The objevtive is to destroy the enemy’s base, guarded by towers and creeps. By killing theses (along side the enemy champions) you get stronger by earning levels and gold. Each level will give you a new spell, or an upgrade of your old one and by spending your gold you get items that can make you faster, more endurant and stronger.

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