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Five games that have made superb slot themes

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    Multiplayer online games have become one of the most successful and competitive industries; and the business constantly strives to look for new, exciting and engaging themes. The most popular games usually permeate to other aspects of out lives, whether it maybe blockbuster movies, TV series, board games and online video slot machines.

    Slot machines are big business in the betting industry and one of the ways to keep people interested and to also keep them coming back, is to keep them up to date with the latest movies as well as games. If a game is popular, it should port over to slot machines, shop based and online, and be very successful. If someone sees a slot advertised and it happens to be based on their favourite console game, they’re going to be more inclined to play it, therefore improves the chances of the venture being a long term winner. Plus there are many video games that already feature gambling, so it only makes sense for software developers to create slots based on video games.

    The following are five of the most well know games that have made the successful transition to slots.

    Call of Fruity (Duty)

    Call of Duty is one of the most popular game series of all time. There are millions of people who play one of the titles regularly, every day. What makes Call of Duty so popular is the online play. Whether people are playing alone or in teams the online services are hugely popular and they are what have made the series such a huge success.

    The Call of Fruity slot game is based on the game series and it’s a bit of a humorous port from console to slot. The fruit symbols are dressed in military gear like army helmets. The loosely based transformation attracts those who love Call of Duty, humour and betting.

    Lord of the Rings

    Lord of the Rings was a huge hit as a book series, it smashed the box office repeatedly when it was on the big screen and it was also a popular console and PC game too. So you can see how developers thought it would be ideal for slot machines. The real success has probably come from the book, films and games all sticking to the story as people would expect.

    The video slot by WMS Gaming doesn’t disappoint. There are a few versions made by different developers but they all stick to the story from J.R.R Tolkien’s book while incorporating graphics and animations from the movie. With the slot versions adding as much realism as possible, even characters from the books and films are included, you can see why many would be keen to play.

    Resident Evil

    Resident Evil is a huge series that often goes unnoticed. Originally a computer game series, there have also been movies as well as comics. The game series on the whole has been extremely popular. With it starting in 1996 people of all generations have probably at one time played a Resident Evil game. The popular shoot ‘em up is a sort of survival horror game that sees players killing numerous zombies and monsters.

    The slot machine was always going to be a great success as it had the power to attract such a wide ranging audience. The younger punters have probably played the more recent titles and the older gamer will have most likely played most of the releases. On the slots version, one has zombies, characters from the series as well as weapons, everything you’d expect to find in the console games and movies.


    Diablo is thought of by many as the best PC game series of all time. It involves hacking and slashing your way through the Kingdom of Khanduras, as you try to get rid of the Lord of Terror. The game is sort of evil themed, with skulls, demons and ghouls. Diablo as a series has a really big fan base and it will be these people who the slot version appeals to the most.

    The port over to a slot game was always going to appeal to a specific market but one can see how it works. There are skulls, candles and other “dark” objects and it does offer something different to the normal slot game. Those who have played Diablo, will be instantly draw to it too.

    Dragon Ball Z

    Dragon Ball Z is a huge anime series that went from the tv screen to games consoles and was equally as popular. The idea of the show and games is based on when Dragon Balls are grouped together that they release a dragon, who then grants a wish.

    The Dragon Ball concept was always going to be pretty easy to port over into a slot version and with the anime series being hugely popular in both tv and game, it would attract players young and old.

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