VR Revolution: The Future Of Virtual Reality Casino Games

The VR Revolution

We are at the dawn of the age of virtual reality (VR). In the last few years, the revolution hitting the online casino market has been mobile casinos – next it will be VR casinos. Imagine feeling like you are really at a casino, with all the excitement, and atmosphere it brings – all while sitting in your own living room. Virtual reality marries the convenience of online casinos with the electrifying atmosphere of brick and mortar ones. It is just a matter of time before they become all the rage.

What Is Virtual Reality?

VR is an immersive digital experience. You put on your headset, and the multiple screens and sound system make your physical surroundings disappear and put you in what feels like a real, 3D world. As a player at a VR casino, you could then interact with the screen via a controller, or your hands with Leap Motion software.

It is no exaggeration to say we are at the tipping point of VR currently. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR have just begun shipping their products – and more are sure to follow. VR has already become a lot more accessible than it was a couple of years ago – you can now get a VR enabled smartphone, and fairly inexpensive VR headsets.

VR Gambling

Online gambling has been a very large sector of the gaming industry for some time – it can’t be too long before VR casinos start popping up. In fact, almost all top casino software providers are currently in the process of testing VR products. Some are likely to be of higher quality than others, but soon consumers will be able to try them out and choose the ones with the best experience. And over time, they will only continue to improve. Sites like Jackpot City NZ and other well established gaming destinations are sure to be looking into how they can incorporate VR and improve their offerings.

Who’s In The Game?

We have already had a preview of what VR casino games could look like – Microgaming demonstrated their VR Roulette at ICE Totally Gaming in 2016. The game combines an Oculus Rift headset with Leap Motion 3D controllers – meaning that it looks like you’re at a real casino and you can use your hands like you’re at one too. You can pick up chips, spin the roulette wheel and collect bets, and it both looks and feels realistic. SlotsMillion has also released a video of what their VR casino looks like from the player’s eyes: you can enter the casino, walk around and spin a slot machine. These products could be on the market very soon, and others are sure to follow.

No More Boundaries

VR gambling can make you feel like you’re in a real casino from the comfort of your own home. But why stop there? With VR, the opportunities are endless. You could gamble in the most spectacular casino ever, in a palace, or in a casino in space. In the future, VR casinos are likely to become even more spectacular than the real thing. But give developers some time to perfect the basics first! Over time, VR casinos will be able to be interactive too – so you can play with your friends in separate places and feel like you are at the casino together. Get excited: the VR revolution is about to come to you.

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