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AR and Online Casinos; A Match Made in Techotopia?

Simply put, augmented reality is the application of technological means to lay information on top of the world we know and experience. An example is the superimposition of audio and images over what you can see and hear in the real world. Augmented reality is applied in a wide range of areas, all the way from military operations to medicine, product promotion and gaming.

A tale of two realities

A large number of people take augmented reality to mean the same thing as virtual reality. The truth, of course, is a little different. In VR, what people see and interact with is a generated environment that is not a product of nature or reality in its strictest sense of the way. In a nutshell, AR adds to what you can see and hear, while VR replaces it.

AR and Online Gambling

The beauty of AR is that it adds value to what you can see and hear, keeping you hooked, and this is a particular sweet spot for gamblers, especially of the online variety. Gaming providers are sensing prey (and pouncing), which has made online slots more arcade-like than ever before. While the implementation process takes time, the resulting artwork is without a doubt a sight for sore eyes.

AR and online casinos look like they were born to fit into each other like perfect pieces of jig saw; the developers work on tinkering with the mechanics of dimension and visuals in order to make it easy for the gambler to experience two worlds within one. One is the world they see and perceive, and the other is the world that comes in as a product of superimposition. It is a new and revolutionary way of gambling, especially for those who have been experiencing their favorite free play slots in the same format for a long time.

Imagine doing bonus hunting on AR. You are moving about in the real world, navigating the stuff around you while focusing on tags that help you hunt for various bonuses whose clues have been superimposed over what you can see and hear. Sort of like PokemonGo without the attendant monsters.

What does AR mean for online gambling in the future?

By 2021, the combined value of VR and AR is estimated to hit $108 billion. This means that AR and its assorted technologies will only get bolder and more revolutionary by the day. Gambling will have its share of the spoils, and will easily integrate the technology into its core.

It does not take much smarts to note quite a few positives going into the future. First, gamblers are going to become more immersed in the games of their choice. They are going to enjoy an enhanced experience, with environments allowing them to interact with other players and casino staffers, especially in the context of a live dealer casino. Imagine sitting down on your couch with AR gadgets on. Through your nimble directions, the glass table in front of you turns into a colorful blackjack table with a live 3D dealer waiting on you and other players ready to participate. There are lights, there is plenty of action, and it feels surreal. That is the kind of reach AR is expected to give us.

Granted, this sort of mind boggling technology is still at its infancy, but the good news is that the industry is working hard at it, and we are already seeing some online casinos showing interest towards AR. Just like with mobile gaming and VR, we will soon be able to once again marvel at what this new technology can do for gambling.

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