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6 Ways to Avoid the Awkward Silence during the Date

Do you want to turn a boring dinner with a girl into a romantic and interesting one?

Hurry up and use our tips!

Forget about the “how was your day?” phrase

We are likely to run out topics really quickly if enumerating things, happened to us during the day, is all we talk about on a date. Pay attention to the emotions –what were her feelings after a meeting with a new customer or after she had a quarrel with her boss. In other words, “plunge into feelings, and you will be able to discuss some really important issues”, says Mel Schwartz, the author of “The Art of Intimacy.” The main thing is to listen to each other. Don’t simply wait for your turn to speak.

Turn on the music

Japanese scientists have discovered that music cheers you up and makes you socially open. It makes the limbic system of our brain involved, which plays a significant role regarding our emotions. The key thing is to turn on the music both of you will enjoy.

Always ask, what’s the matter

If your friend keeps silent, this does not certainly mean it is because of you. Ask her what’s the matter – maybe she’s just waiting for you to ask what’s wrong, to start telling her story. If you do not ask, she will likely decide that you do not care about her. Besides, you will be likely to become angry or insulted, because you may think that she decided to punish you for something.

Put down your phones

You should not only turn off the sound but take them out of sight. The smartphone reminds you about your virtual social life, and these thoughts distract you from the conversation. According to the Journal of Personal Relationships, the mere sight of a smartphone can make you feel distanced from your girl. Besides, the friendliness, the trust, and the empathy, in this case, tend to decrease by 35%.

Select an interesting topic

Susanna Phillips, the author of “Recovering Together” assumes that sometimes the pause in a conversation happens because one supposes that it is the talker who will start telling about his thoughts and emotions without previous enquiring. Nevertheless, keep in mind: if you are not ready to share your feelings, do not expect the same from your woman. If you are not in a right mood to discuss the events happened during the day, start the conversation on a different topic. For instance, you may discuss a provocative film, an interesting article or a research, or a new album of your favorite band.

Be frank with your girl

You may consider it rather difficult, although Schwartz suggests saying that do not even know what to tell about directly. Ask your girl if she has the same feeling? Women like men being honest, and according to Schwartz, it can lead to an excellent conversation.

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