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4 Bankable Ways to Make Money Playing Games

If I could go back in time, I would tell my 14 year old game-obsessed self to pay little heed to every warning ever given about playing games. Why, you ask? Because, I have recently discovered that it is indeed possible to spend time with games you love while smiling to the bank. Now that I have your undivided interest, scoot closer with a cup of your favorite hot tea and don’t forget to have a pen and paper close by.

Become a Game Tester
Game testing comes with several advantages such as the ability to work from anywhere and make decent money to play new games on your couch; no need for previous experience as almost anyone can jump in to start, part-time, giving you the opportunity to do something else of interest in your spare time. Also, and here I saved the best for last, you get to keep all the games you test. It simply couldn’t get any better than that could it? To get started as a game tester, all you need is a computer or a console, and an unconquerable passion for games.

Online Gambling Games
You probably shouldn’t tell your wife about this one, but those online gambling games you play could fetch you some cool money. Most people suffer under the wrong assumption that online gambling games are a sure way to say goodbye to your hard earned cash. This is not so, however, as there are proven and reliable methods successfully employed by professional gamblers. If you are interested, you can check out paypal-casinos.co. They provide a fabulous variety of paypal casinos, and can be trusted to provide privacy, security and convenience.

Review and Opinion Writing
You know that friend who isn’t quite as good at playing games as he is at giving spirited opinions on them? Well, this option is for them. Get involved in writing reviews for games as a way to bring home the bacon. The best part is, unlike game testing, you can pick and choose which games to review and give opinions about. It does require certain amount of knowledge about the game, but this can be achieved by playing the game at one’s unique pace.

Mel King, social media editor at Unwinnable, explains that review and opinion writing for games holds prospective chances of making money on YouTube as well. Once you get yourself established as a games reviewer, you could start a channel that would grow to become the go-to source for information on the pros and cons of games.

Customized Games Guides
Creating game guides for other gamers is another way to make money through games. This method however, requires an in-depth and detailed knowledge of the games in question so that thorough and efficient helpful guides can be created. Your goldmine of games knowledge can be put into an eBook that could sell for over £12 each. The biggest challenge to this method is that you have to get in early when the game is released to create tailored guides which consumers can use when playing the new games.

While you might not end up with Scrooge McDuck’s kind of money, with a little determination, and of course bucket loads of fun, it certainly wouldn’t be an amount to be sneezed at either.

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