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The Long Friendship Between Governments and Casinos

In 1923 the Italian government saw how much money flows away abroad and canceled the decision to forbid best casinos, but left the status of the municipal establishments. So, each region had the taxes established by the local municipality. From that very moment all five casinos located on the border of the country and protect it.

The way to see casino live  in Slovenia is under the protection of two major Venetian gaming centers, the way to Monaco covered by gambling house in San Remo, and the area near the Swiss border under the protection of posh casino Compagnoni.

The United States followed the same example.¬† Each state has the right to determine the legal status of gambling centers and casinos by itself. By 1994, almost all states had legalized gambling, except for Utah and Hawaii. The main centers of gambling are in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Nevada, and the main place of all casinos is the legendary Las Vegas. In America, gambling players usually say: “What is prohibited in California, is allowed in Nevada”. This is an unwritten law. Until 1931 the winnings at the Nevada slot machine were paid by goods: cigarettes, drinks, chewing gums. However, for the supplement of the budget authorities have decided to permit gambling at the territory.

The start of the World Center of gambling was initiated with the appearing next to the city a second chance (as it is called by many fans of casinos) hydroelectric power plant, a large reservoir, and dam, which is certainly made possible to satisfy the needs of the city. California mafia first realized that infrastructure is important as much as gambling establishments themselves. Large corporations in hotel business, which came on the market, significantly improved the image of the local gambling industry, the authorities were not left behind and reduced tax rates (in particular, the income tax) and supported the construction of hotels, business centers, and roads. All this has allowed involving not only gambling but also business guests. To this day, it is considered to be extremely prestigious to hold a presentation in Vegas, a trade show or conference.

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