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Slot Machine Games to Look Out For In 2017

Sponsored – The casino industry relies on slot machine games so it should be no surprise to notice so many new and attractive games being developed on a constant basis. In 2017 we will surely see a growth in the number of games that will be available. Making a list of those that will be the very best is definitely subjective to a degree. We expect many casino slots such as Rubiks Slot to be more popular than expected and you can never really know what the best slot game will be. However, those that will be mentioned below are definitely worth considering.

When Pigs Fly
With such a name it is obvious that you will want to at least take a look at this slot game but after playing it you will surely like it even more. This NetEnt video slot game sees a bold astronaut as the hero. He wants to go where no other pig managed to go before, right into outer space, thus the fly part. The bonus round of the game will start when you manage to send the pig into space. This makes potential winnings go “sky high”.

Stunning Hot
Most players think that the game will feature models or something similar so they are quite surprised to see the pretty simple five line design. The slot symbols included are quite classic and there is absolutely no bonus round that you can start. However, what is really interesting with this game is that you can receive a payout of 1,000 times for the bet made on just a single pay line. The potential payouts will be really high so many slots players will want to play the game.

Castle Builder
In medieval legends we see many stories, princesses, kings and battles with brave nights. Even fire breathing dragons can appear. This is exactly the atmosphere that this game brings in, with a progressive slot build. All the actions you take are going to have a direct impact on how much money you can win. The idea is to build a really expensive castle for the daughter of the king and the future husband. Even choosing the spouse is going to be a task in this slot machine game.

Voodoo Candy Shop
This game will be popular because of the theme and the fact that animations and graphics are really attractive. Even the sound in this game is perfectly fit to the theme. A bonus round is triggered and offers the possibility to win a lot of money when different symbols appear on the screen. This is a theme that is contradictory but the game offers so many possible payouts. It will be a hit among players.

Frozen Diamonds
The last game on the list is quite astonishing. You will be mesmerized as the reels spin, with the North Pole theme and the many different bright lights appearing under the night sky. Slots offer really interesting rewards and the third consecutive win you get will offer free spins where you can get even more spins and multipliers.

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