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Four Browser Games Based on Blockbusters

Sponsored – Videogames based on popular films have often been able to find success. From GoldenEye 007 on N64 to the forthcoming PS4 Spider-Man title (which likely won’t be based on a single film in particular) there have been countless examples over the years. But some of our very best modern blockbusters have also spawned plenty games that are somewhat smaller and less visible.

We’re specifically talking about browser-based games and flash experiences that almost feel like vintage gaming these days. These are not like AAA console games you might spend hours and hours delving into, but for fans of the popular films upon which they’re based they can be a lot of fun to play around with.

Battle for Gondor
Battle for Gondor could be just about any online flash game, but little bits of narrative and a man vs. orc setup call The Lord of the Rings to mind. The game is hosted by Newgrounds and challenges you to command an army against increasingly powerful waves of invading orcs. You handle a single soldier, but also decide when to call on reserve armies, ultimately making for an interesting blend of tower defense and hack-and-slash gameplay. It’s the simple presentation and minimalistic graphics actually make for a surprisingly addicting game.

Max Fury Death Racer
There are plenty of violent and clunky flash racing games, but this one does a nice job of invoking the spirit of the Mad Max franchise (even if it doesn’t much resemble Mad Max: Fury Road). You control a car racing against others on a track lined with explosives and you also have the ability to shoot at your competition. Y8 lists it as one of the most anticipated racing games, which is a dubious distinction coming from the site. All in all, this is still a pretty fun casual gaming experience.

Jurassic Park
Jurassic World helped bring about a revival of Michael Crichton’s iconic dinosaur saga, and resulted in a few new games as well. This Jurassic Park game is all about imagery and music from the original film. Gambling.com has listed it as one of the most popular experiences developed by Microgaming for the online casino industry, which actually speaks volumes about the product. It’s a niche game for those who enjoy real money betting or digital slots, but is also one of the best of many film-based games in this genre.

If there’s a big surprise in film-based gaming from the past couple of decades it might be that there was never a major console game centered around Troy. There is, however, a wonderful flash game where you get to control a vaguely cartoonish Achilles in a rampage against Trojan forces with varying combat styles. Armor Games notes that there are 15 stages to fight through with a variety of weapons at your disposal to dispatch the many bosses. Ultimately, it’s a simple game with a real challenge to it that most any fan of browser gaming can appreciate.

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