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Are Social Games Worth your Time – And Money?

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  • Sponsored – Back in the glory days, social games lived within social networks, where their place is after all. Farmville, Candy Crush and their likes were not mobile cash cows for their developers, but an attractive addition to Facebook, which won its war on the competitors (like Google Plus, which is still without any games to play). And things were nice enough – but then the iPhone came, and everything changed. Social games broke out of their boundaries, invading our personal space with their addictive gameplay, and in-app purchases. In time, more and more of them were added to the world of gaming – social casinos are a great example. Today these are among the most successful mobile games in the US, on the iPhone, with daily revenues that often exceed $200,000. But are they worth your time – and money?

    What do social casinos offer you?

    Social casinos are the go-to solution in a country where online gambling is a taboo. I’m talking about the US, of course. There are currently three states where some form of online gambling is legal – and only one of them allows online casino games to be played. The rest of the Americans can risk their money at shady offshore casinos, or play a simulated game – at a dedicated provider, or a social casino.

    Social casinos have a nice selection of games. They also have bonuses, promotions, specials, and freerolls – but all of them with virtual coins. What makes them interesting from our point of view is that you can top up your account using real money. You spend dollars on social casino credits, you play with them, and you either win or lose. But if you win, no matter how big your win might be, your cash remains virtual.

    How about the real thing?

    Let’s see what a real money online casino offers its players.

    The All Slots Casino has a history of over a decade in the real money gaming business. As its name suggests, it is a gaming venue focusing on slot machines – much like Playtika’s Slotomania, a highly popular social game. Its players have two options: they can either play for real, or in “practice mode”, with no real money involved – and you should take this literally. If you run out of virtual coins at the All Slots Casino, you can get more without it costing you a dime.

    Although the All Slots Casino offers the same experience to its “for fun” and “real money” players, most of them choose to play for real. The reasons are numerous. Among them we find the All Slots casino promotions which are quite generous, and the fact that if you happen to win here, you can actually put the money you win into your pocket. You can also lose, of course – but this is part of the game.

    When it comes to game variety, the real money gaming business is clearly superior. Slotomania has about 100 slot machines in its library – while the All Slots Casino has over 700, with new ones added each month.

    If you draw the line, real money gaming is much more attractive – even if there’s no real money involved. But if you factor in the fact that it offers you a chance to actually win money, it’s a clear winner. This, of course, if you have access to it…

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