Office of the General Counsel Episode 6 – Gran Tour-Ian-O

The show starts off on a sour note as Edward A. Coleman, Esq. has received bad news about his contract and we find out that Standards & Practices offers Ken Lucas a job. Ed talks about the spanking machine and then gives a quick rundown of this episodes guest, Tour Guide, Ian Gonzales.

After a quick message from our sponsors, we introduce Ian. Just as we’re getting to know Ian, Stu Horvath barges in and observes the proceedings. Ed and Ian talk about the tour through the Unwinnable, Inc. offices, a strange closet and a water slide and then we learn about Ian’s favorite part of the tour. Ed dips into his racketeering case and we chat about Stu’s office. Ed brings up his history with Ian and they end up talking about the Boston Tea Party. We end abruptly after hearing more about Ed’s contract.

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