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Comic Book Video Games Coming this Year

Sponsored – In the past few years, we’re seeing more movies and games inspired by comics than ever before. Suddenly, in the words of Huey Lewis, it’s hip to be square and the publishers are cashing in. One area that this is obvious is the gaming industry, as they attempt to jump on the trend to varying degrees of success.

Today we’re taking a look at games shown at E3 that have a comic book theme or origin. If you want to know what to get hyped about then you’re in the right place – that is, if you can tear yourself away from Pokémon GO for long enough to read them.




The first offering comes from Insomniac Games, you may recognize these developers from Spyro and other cute games. They’re bringing a new Spiderman game to the table that frankly, looks fantastic. It’s pretty early on in the development process so it’s really too soon to say if the game will live up to the trailer.

This puts fans on the back foot, as they realise that this level of gaming and partnership was down to Disney – who have been getting a lot of flak for their purchase of Marvel. They’ve stopped developing their own games and have instead licenced their characters to more experienced creators.

Even online casino and bingo sites are going crazy for the Marvel universe as a plethora of slot games have sprung up around their heroes. These include progressive jackpot games, which can be found on bingo sites like www.luckytouchbingo.com. These games take a percentage of each and every wager made to add to the jackpot fund, which increases until it is won.


Batman Arkham VR

Batman Arkham VR was just one of the games pushing the Sony VR headset that’s set to be compatible with the PS4. This is clearly an attempt to resuscitate the Playstation Move, which really didn’t do that well. It’s based on the caped crusader’s struggle with the Joker, darkness and his own humanity.


We can’t wait to see how it plays and whether it’s that real VR experience that we’ve been searching for. Of course, it could go horribly wrong but we’re hopeful!


Injustice 2

The sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us was shown at E3 too, but it’s as yet untitled. This superhero smashing game was one of our top picks but the second instalment looks set to improve on perfection. As we watched the trailer for this game, we just seemed to be surprised by more and more features.


The graphics in this game look just like a comic book come to life, though not in a cheesy way. Throw out any expectations about cartoon figures, this game is realistic but dynamic. It won’t be released until 2017, so you have a bit of a wait before the game comes out.


Lego Dimensions

We’ve been watching the Lego games series throughout its genesis from a few minor characters to a plethora of the most famous. Their upcoming Lego Dimensions game will combine these characters into one game, including comic book characters.

If you loved crossover episodes of television series then you can await this game with pleasure. You’ll see characters from the Simpsons, Harry Potter, Marvel and more in one game – we can’t wait to see what the story will entail!



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