Office of the General Counsel Episode 3 – Know Your Rights

This week we kick things off with the guess my middle name contest and so far no one has picked the correct name. Ed has received one book for his work library and reads an excerpt about trademarks. We learn about the Unwinnable, Inc PO boxes and the amount of lawsuits filed against the company. Ed finally got a key to the executive bathroom only to learn there are several “bathrooms”. Ed answers a Twitter question and we then we take a quick break. We return from break with our guest, Head of Human Resources, Trip “Flippington” Fitzsimmons. We try to find out about the whereabouts of Ted Stacey but we come up empty handed. Ed asks about the Employee Handbook and describes the process to view it. Ed and Trip talk about the bathrooms, the different departments of Unwinnable, Inc. and Trip’s last name. We end the show with more questions than answers.

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