Office of the General Counsel – Episode One & Two

Welcome to the premier of Office of the General Counsel. Is it a drama in which our fearless hero Edward A. Coleman, Esq. navigates a dangerous world of corporate intrigue and occult conspiracy, or a snoozefest in which he complains about the tedium of being a shiftless lawyer? You decide!

Episode One Notes: Newly hired Unwinnable lawyer, Edward A. Coleman, Esq., uncovers the inner workings of Unwinnable from the Office of the General Counsel. He is reluctantly joined by Unwinnable Audio Producer Ken Lucas as they talk law and interview the many denizens that make the Unwinnable megacorporation run.

On their first episode Ed talks about his first week at the Unwinnable HQ, his law experience and plays a game of Strunk & White. Then they interview the man behind the mask, Stu Horvath.

Episode Two Notes: We reluctantly start the show with a new game, What is Edward A. Coleman Esquire’s, middle name. Tweet your answers to @UnwinnableOotGC.

We learn that Ed is officially the last person in the U.S. to get a podcast. Ed has been General Counsel for a few weeks and still has no idea what he is doing. Unwinnable Audio Producer, Ken Lucas, doesn’t want to be a part of this show since he has his hands in everything. We take a quick break and then interview our first guest, Ted Stacey, Vice President of Design for Unwinnable Monthly. They chat about Ted’s job functions and table tennis. We try to end the show on a high note.


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