Unearthly Remains Episode 1: The Time Traveler

The debut episode! Unwinnable DJ/Audio Producer Ken Lucas aka Kursse, tracks down one of his oldest friends, Karl Von Bunko, to catch up. They talk about his music with PANIC and Selbstmord Electronics, his foray into Electronic Voice Phenomenon with Rob Manrique and his starring roles in Rob’s films, Extraction and Rat Catching. We then switch gears into a conversation about growing up in New Jersey, Art Bell and Coast To Coast AM and finally the internet famous time traveler, John Titor. We finish up with some music talk about our tricks of the trade.

You can follow Karl on Instagram at okobunko and see some of his old sketches at www.okobunko.blogspot.com. Also, check out his in-progress discography of Selbstmord on www.Discogs.com.

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Check out Rob’s films Extraction and Rat Catching at www.studiohousepictures.com

More information about John Titor can be found at www.johntitor.com

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Music provided by:
George Collazo www.deadgowest.com
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