Eye of the Beerholder Episode 7 – Eye of the Breathalyzer

We are joined by our hosts Stu Horvath and Shawn Dillon and our panelists George Collazo, John “Hambone” McGuire, Ed Coleman and Ian Gonzales. Shawn starts the show by leveling up DOOM to a 9th level sorcerer and we wish Ian a happy birthday. Hambone kicks this episode off with the introduction of the official Eye of the Beerholder breathalyzer. After a round of breathe tests, we talk about Dragon magazine and sex in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. We talk a bit about Gen Con and then float off into a variety of topics. After the break, Stu talks about the module White Plume Mountain. DOOM ends the show before things really get out of hand


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Music provided by George Collazo. Find him here.

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