Eye of the Beerholder Episode 5 – 100XP for Not Breaking Kayfabe

This week Stu and Shawn are joined by George Collazo, John McGuire and special guest, actor Daniel Imperiale. The gents delve into a classic Dungeons & Dragons how-to book sent from our friend Brian Taylor. They move on to Dan Imperiale’s recent Dungeons & Dragons experiences as a bard and some of his recent acting work. The show is then invaded by host of Unlistenable, Charles Moran and the guys revisit Chuck’s time with the crew before he was expelled. Shawn shows off his recent treasure, the Dungeons & Dragons wallet, and then Stu talks about their adventure in the astral plane. Dan asks about Moose Horns and playing in character. Chuck leaves and then they finish up with Dan. DOOM and Shawn compare notes on butter and then sign off.

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