Eye of the Beerholder – Episode 1 – Undungeonable?

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  • One night, shortly after I revived my long running Dungeons & Dragons campaign, I was at a bar with Shawn Dillon, as we do. We’d retrofitted our game after a long and joyless spell in Fourth Edition back to Second Edition, the edition we grew up in, and were in the process of re-discovering all the rules.

    Well, re-discovering is a bit of mischaracterization. We never lost them. They were buried in our brains, intact, all these years. All we needed to do was blow the dust off. And so, drunkenly, we talked about D&D minutiae for hours at the bar, without a rule book in sight. Before we headed to our respective homes, Shawn suggested we do a podcast like this.

    “Like what?” I asked. “Like getting drunk and talking about Dungeons & Dragons?”

    “Exactly,” he said.

    And here we are!

    – Stu Horvath

    For our first show, Stu Horvath and Shawn Dillon try to decide on a name for the podcast. Unwinnable A/V producer, Ken Lucas, helps the gents get the ball rolling as they talk about their origins in D&D, the name of the show, tonight’s drink menu and the early days of Dungeons & Dragons and TSR.

    They also dip into rules for the undead for just for a moment and introduce their new emcee, DOOM! before they get into a lengthly discussion about the iconic monster, the Beholder. Then Shawn Dillon hates on giant spiders.

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