The Angst Affairs: The Finale

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    from: Pippin

    date: January 19, 2015


    Hi Teddy,

    Woo. Well we’re back at this I guess? It’s a bit weird at this point because Jostle Parent has been done for me for a while. Like, obviously I could work on it more and make it better, but I don’t really want to – gosh, I ended up spending a lot of time on that game. So mostly just waiting for the right time to release it and move on.

    Actually I’ve already moved on! In the time since Jostle Parent has been in development I’ve made and released MANIFEST, Sound System I, and Let’s Play: Let’s Play: Ancient Greek Punishment: Art Edition Edition. And I’ll probably try to release another Sound System this week if I can get around to it? So no shortage of projects. Plus it’s the Global Game Jam this weekend, so, yikes. (Do you do that kind of thing? In a lot of ways I’m not really into it, but it always seems like the right thing to do when it rolls around.)

    How’re things with you? Where’s your head at?



    from: Teddy

    date: January 26, 2015


    Hi Pippin!

    Sounds like you’ve been quite prolific lately!  I do indeed jam, and by “I do”, I mean “I have been known to, but haven’t jammed in years”.  I did run Holiday Game Jam ( in 2013, but was too damned busy running it to make something.  A holiday tragedy.

    How did the Global Game Jam go for you? I believe I saw on Twitter that you made something!  I did a local keynote for the LA jammers, but didn’t participate. Been trying to make progress on my own side project.

    Things with me are good, I think!  I’m starting to make real progress on my games, and Hyper Light is all geared up for releasing this year, but there’s much to do!

    I’m currently struggling with extra-hour productivity.  We work from around 10-7 on Hyper Light Drifter, and I’m trying to find my sweet spot for outside work.  It’s always going to be an evening, and then I get groggy…so the morning! And then I sleep in…so hey, the weekend, but I decide to have a bit of a life…I think I need to formalize this in some way that is unavoidable.

    Like just tell myself, “Monday nights and Saturday afternoons are for work. You’re not allowed to plan things for these times.  However, during OTHER times you are not allowed to work on side projects!”

    …This seems like an impossible constraint to setup.