Ready for the Resolutions 1/2/2015

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  • Today in 2004, deep space probe, Stardust, successfully flew past Comet Wild 2, collecting samples that eventually were returned to Earth. No, there were no nude space vampires like in the movie Lifeforce.

    Chuck Moran: Staring Monday. Salad.

    Don Becker: I’m a firm anti-believer in New Year’s resolutions. You want to change your life? Don’t wait for 1/1 to do it.

    Matt Marrone: Eat less. Worry least.

    Ken Lucas: Build a rig. Play live shows.

    Erik Weinbrecht: I’m with Don, but I’m not running a half marathon. Happy New Year.

    Jason McMasterJason McMaster: Watch Space Jam and Last Action Hero.