Unmixable: Live from the Kickstarter Telethon, Part Metal

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  • Here is our celebratory Rock/Metal/Punk DJ mix that was performed live, shortly after the Kickstarter was funded,  on April 17, 2014, on the Unwinnable Kickstarter Telethon stream. DJ Kursse at the helm once again.

    “Car Radio (AM)” – Mike Patton
    “Born to Hula” – Queens of the Stoneage
    “Twist of Cain” – Danzig
    “Cornucopia” – Black Sabbath
    “Cities on Flame with Rock And Roll” – Blue Öyster Cult
    “Gardenia” – Kyuss
    “O Fortuna” – Botch
    “Year Zero” – Ghost
    “The Wait” – Metallica
    “Death Comes Ripping” – The Misfits
    “I Wanna Be Your Dog (Live)” – Iggy Pop
    “Commando” – Ramones
    “Jungle Virgin Force” – Citizen Blast Kane
    “I Will Refuse” – Pailhead
    “Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight” – The Misfits
    “Car Radio (FM)” – Mike Patton
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