Unmixable: Live from the Kickstarter Telethon, Part Electronic

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  • At the end of the Unwinnable Weekly Kickstarter, we were all short on sleep and long on delirium: the perfect recipe for a live streaming telethon. There were a ton of amazing moments among the gabbing, drinking and videogame playing, but it was the live DJ sets from Kursse that kept the energy high.

    This electronic mix was recorded and streamed live on April 14, 2014 – day two of the telethon. Kursse was flying by the seat of his pants. “I have used some of these song combinations in other mixes but for the most part this was on the fly mixing,” he said. A little too on the fly, maybe – Kursse broke a personal rule and doubled up some artists. “I don’t normally repeat artists in one mix,” he said, “but I was a tad nervous and trying to keep things moving.”

    As punishment, Kursse, we’re going to keep you in heavy rotation.

    “Haunted Sequence” – Rob
    “When Dinosaurs Rule Earth” – Otto Von Schriach
    “Crying in Your Face” – AFX
    “Poney Part 1” – Vitalic / “Arrival at the Library” – John Carpenter
    “Salpica (Miami)” – Otto Von Schirach
    “Tick of the Clock” – Chromatics
    “Paris” – M O O N
    “Dodeccaheedron” – Aphex Twin
    “O Fortuna” – Apotheosis
    “Decadence” – Download
    “ambiantz” – Skinny Puppy
    Excerpt from Escape from New York
    “Dirt” – Depeche Mode
    “Nightwalker” – Trentemøller
    “Nightcall” – Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx
    “Fuck You Pay Me” – A.R.E. Weapons
    “Monster (The Meeting Of)” – bananaSLOTH
    “Strawberry Cough” – Ganja White Night
    “Chemical Burn” – The Dust Brothers
    “Miste” – The Haxan Cloak
    “Energy Wizard” – Squarepusher
    “Entrance to Exit” – Aphex Twin
    “Haunted (Alternate Version)” – Rob
    Excerpt from Escape from New York


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