Thank You

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  • I don’t know if you heard, but we’ve been working on this Kickstarter thing and it got funded yesterday afternoon.

    We are currently celebrating, sleeping and celebrating sleep – something we’ve not had a lot of recently – but we will be back next week with the great stories you’ve come to expect.

    I formally thanked the Internet on Wednesday when we raised our goal, and I reprinted it yesterday when the campaign closed. That stands as a good representation of how I feel about the Kickstarter and its success, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank some specific people who were instrumental in keeping things going over the last few months.

    First off, there’s the core Kickstarter planning team: Steve Haske (who has been trying to get me to do this for years), Owen Smith and Aileen Viray. The four of us have been working on this since late January and our jubilation is, I think, mixed with a good amount of exhaustion. They all get to sleep the sleep of the just this weekend.

    Over the course of the live campaign, the team has necessarily grown to include Chuck Moran, Ken Lucas, Davis Cox and David Wolinsky, all of whom were essential in helping with the heavy lifting and injecting new energy when everyone else was flagging. Special thanks to Chuck and Ken for working with me on the Twitch live stream telethon – I don’t think we would have made our funding without it.

    Speaking of the telethon: a huge thank you to George Collazo for having the idea in the first place.

    Other folks: Don Becker, for providing the voiceover on the Kickstarter video, Johnny Celentano for helping with video production, the fellow I only know as @SolonCubed for setting up an alternate Twitch stream for the telethon when ours bottomed out early Wednesday morning…

    And, of course, everyone who I publicly refer to as Unwinnable Local – Shawn Dillon, Ed Coleman, Jen Sisco, Dave Trainer, Chrissy Imperiale, John McGuire and Ian Gonzales. They all have a connection to the site, but more than anything, they’re the best group of friends a guy like me could ask for and they have all done their part in keeping me sane in recent months and beyond.

    Then there’s everyone who stayed at #UnHaus during GDC 2014, all the guests at the Unwinnable GDC Salon, our partners in the Kickstarter and the amazing number of people who backed, supported, tweeted, shouted and generally made a nuisance of themselves to get this thing going. Not to mention the dozens of people I am probably forgetting, because I am so tired and addled.

    Oh, and Mom, for the unquestioned support and for keeping the troops pacified with cookies.

    Y’all are the best. I love ya.

    – Stu Horvath, Editor-in-Chief


    This post originally left out a thank you for my mom, which resulted in a very cross email (I said I was tired!). Don’t worry, though, there isn’t a general strike in the cookie mines – I made everything better by treating her to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, over the weekend.