Unmixable: Reel Terror at the Grindhouse

This is the darkest music for the darkest night of the year. Our previous Halloween mixtapes have been spooky, but this one is all blood, all guts, all fun. Turn down the lights, turn up the stereo and listen – if you dare.

As always, this mixtape was curated and mixed by our resident sonic Satanist, Ken Lucas. Need more nightmare music? Check out our previous Halloween mixes: All Hallow’s Evil and Music of the Night.


“An Introduction to the Horrific” – Paul N. J. Orrosson

“Everybody Scream” – Rob Zombie

“Vampira” – The Misfits

“Cape Fear” – Fantômas

“Diary of a Madman” – Gravediggaz

“Halloween Theme” – The Electric Hellfire Club

“Reverse Beartrap” – Charlie Clouser

Grindhouse Trailers Part 1

“Psycho Killer” – Talking Heads

“Frankenstein” – New York Dolls

“Gila Monster” – Joe Johnson

“This is Halloween” – Danny Elfman

“The Witch” – The Sonics

“Magic and Ecstasy” – Ennio Morricone

Grindhouse Trailers Part 2

Geek Flea 6 Promo

“Halloween” – Sonic Youth

“Bela Lugosi’s Dead” – Nouvelle Vogue

“Ghuleh/Zombie Queen” – Ghost B.C.

“Suspiria (Daemonia Remix)” – Goblin

“Night of the Vampire” – Roky Erickson

“Haunted” – ROB

Grindhouse Trailers Part 3

“Initium/Samhain” – Samhain

“Black No.1” – Type O Negative

“Captain Howdy” – Twisted Sister

“Freddy Krueger” – S.O.D.

“Science Fiction, Double Feature” – Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

“Chain Saw” – Ramones

“Halloween” – AFI


“This is Halloween” – Danny Elfman

Can you believe that Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas is 20 years old already? I sure can’t.

In honor of this movie being one year away from legally getting drunk, lets take a stroll through Halloween Town this year and reminisce about the first time Jack and his fellow stop-motion cohorts introduced us to a land of our dreams – a place where they spend 364 days prepping for Halloween. This song and this film are Halloween staples that I listen to and watch year-round, but I still get chills at those opening orchestral chords.

– Erik Weinbrecht

“The Witch” – The Sonics

Originally released as their first single in 1964, “The Witch” is a wild, out of control rocker and one of the most beloved tracks by Washington state garage rock originals The Sonics.

While it’s more about a girl who’s “gonna make you itch, ’cause she’s the witch,” the lyrics really play it off like it could be a classic horror movie witch as well. Not only is she an “evil chick” with long black hair who’s “gonna do you in,” but she is quite active at night, judging from the lyrics to the chorus:

She walks around late at night
Most other people sleeping tight
If you hear her knocking on your door
You better stay awake

– Michael Edwards

“Bela Lugosi’s Dead” – Nouvelle Vague

It is testament to the original Bauhaus cut that even a bossa nova cover of “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” by Nouvelle Vague is still spooky as hell. It doesn’t get much more Halloween than this.

– Stu Horvath

“Night of the Vampire” – Roky Erickson

I’m relatively new to Roky Erickson. My friends Johnny and Brooke introduced me to his work two or three years back and I’ve been kicking myself for not adding him to an Unwinnable Halloween Mix. With a title like “Night of the Vampire,”  it’s a wonder that his ode to horror films not been on a mix yet. “Night of the Vampire” exudes a mischievous malevolence with its eerie riff and macabre refrain. He sings, “If it’s raining and you’re running don’t slip in mud/’Cause if you do, you’ll slip in blood/Tonight is the night of the vampire.” The whole composition feels downright sinister.

– Ian Gonzales

“Chain Saw” – Ramones
I have been waiting three years to put this song on a Halloween mix since it was bumped of the first by Stu with “Pet Semetery” and then by Chuck with “Poison Heart” on the second. “Chain Saw” appears on the Ramones first album and is an ode to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre as Joey sings a tale of losing his girlfriend to some cannibal rednecks eons before the KKK gets to her. In the end, he admits his love for her only to realize “she’ll never get out of there.”

– Ken Lucas

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