On the Trail of the Were-Tanooki

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  • When our friends at 80s Tees sent us their new tanooki, er, racanooki costume hoodie, we weren’t sure what to do with it. I only wear sports coats and Chuck only wears velour track suits. So we called up our pal Chris Mannix, from Nerd-Base, to check it out. He’s the closest thing we know to a cosplayer.

    Chris reports that the hoodie is quite soft and comfortable. It is 100% cotton and rather warm – a plus for a Halloween costume. The tail is firmly stuffed and is connected to the drawstring at the waist to allow the wearer to raise and lower it.

    After he got the hoodie on, something came over Chris. He started acting a bit twitchy – maybe it was the light of the full moon, or maybe the tanooki, er, racanooki, is his spirit animal, but he seemed to change. Before I could stop him, he was out the door and in the bushes. I got a light on him and shot some photos before he went over the fence into the neighbor’s yard. I heard a bit of a commotion and then what might have been a gunshot. I don’t really know – I killed the light and pretended I wasn’t there. Haven’t seen Mannix since.

    So, if you are in need of an easy, and warm, Halloween costume, hit up 80s Tees and try out the tanooki, er, racanooki costume hoodie!


    Full disclosure: 80s Tees sponsors Unwinnable’s semi-annual Geek Fleas, but, honestly, we’d still dress Mannix up even if they didn’t.

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