Unwinnable Presents: Unlistenable Episode 45

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  • This week the team talks to Escapist columnist and Massachusetts resident Dennis Scimeca.

    Dennis tells us some stories about doing missionary work in Jamaica as told in his piece, “An Appreciation of What We Got.” We also talked about videogames and how people in the greater Boston area say “capicola.”

    Charles Moran @japandudegirl
    Ken Lucas @Kursse
    Don Becker @UnwinnableDonB
    Stu Horvath @stuhorvath

    Music provided by:
    The O>Matics
    Phantom Steed
    Citizen Blast Kane 

    Be sure to also check out Dennis’ weekly column with The Escapist at First Person.

    Follow him on twitter @DennisScimeca.
    His personal website Punching Snakes.

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