Unwinnable Presents: Unpinnable 2, Royal Rumble Edition

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  • The Unpinnable returns with it’s second show, the Royal Rumble edition!

    The ultimate Tag Team Texas Tornado match featuring Don and Ken vs. the Fabulous Mariano Brothers.

    First and foremost, we talk about the WWE Royal Rumble.

    Speaking of gimmick matches, we discuss our favorite gimmick matches – Japanese Death Matches, Tower of Doom, Ladder Matches, War Games and Ultimate X.

    Hulk Hogan claims he could have been the bass player for Metallica when they were starting up.

    Someone brings up the Piledriver album and Jive Soul Bro .

    We talk about the long awaited WWE Network. WWE has a YouTube channel.

    Chris brings up the topic of Chris Benoit and if he be erased from wrestling history.

    Wrestling Trivia returns, as well as the return of Killer or Filler!

    Hosted by your favorite Unwinnable personalites, Chris O>Matic, Don Becker, Kenneth Lucas and Mark Mariano

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