Pippin Barr Break

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  • Have I mentioned that Unwinnable likes quirky, experimental videogames, preferably with philosophical and existential underpinnings? Thankfully, Pippin Barr makes those kinds of games. Check out Safety Instructions, GuruQuest and our personal favorite, Let There Be Smite!

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    2 thoughts on “Pippin Barr Break

    1. @pippinbarr says:

      Whoa! Well that's a pretty great thing to see on this internet of ours – thanks!

      Also, not to blow my own horn too much or anything, but I just put together my newest game, The Artist Is Present – a fairly literal recreation of a performance work called… The Artist Is Present. You can find it at my usual games page on my website, linked above in the post!


    2. Stu Horvath says:

      I just saw that you put a new one out. Our post here was slightly ill-timed!

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