Rockstar To Release Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City & San Andreas For OS X

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  • Rockstar Games announced today that it is releasing Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for OS X via the Mac App Store. The first game in the series, GTA III, will come out tomorrow, 8/18, and have a $14.99 price tag. Vice City and San Andreas will be made available on 8/25 and 9/1, respectively.

    GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas are largely credited with popularizing open world/sandbox games. All three games were originally released on the PlayStation 2. The Rag has fond memories of Ray Liotta telling hookers that they’re going to remember his name, and then blowing said hookers’ brains all over the back seat and taking his money back.


    Correction: This news piece originally ran mentioning iOS4 when it is actually for OS X. We apologize for the mixup.