Spider-Man Isn’t Gay, He’s Just Miles Morales from Brooklyn.

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  • Recently joining the intellectually inept ranks of Internet Explorer users (which happens to be a hoax) is the reporting staff of the Daily Mail as they took it upon themselves to announce to the world in that Spider-Man may perhaps be gay. Bleeding Cool was kind enough to call them out on it.

    This on the heels of the reveal in Ultimate Fallout #4 that the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales, is of mixed-race descent. The new Webslinger isn’t a middle-class, white American. Great, we get it. At the end of the day, the race of a hero is of no consequence to The Rag and we’re not going to waste any more time writing about it. What is of consequence, though, is a statement made by artist Sara Pichelli:

    ‘Maybe sooner or later a black or gay – or both – hero will be considered something absolutely normal.’

    Taking her comment thoroughly out of context, the Mail declared in a headline: “Marvel Comics reveals the new Spider Man is black – and he could be gay in the future.” It seems that Pichelli was explaining her hope that in a perfect world, the race or sexual identity of a hero wouldn’t be given a second thought. Marvel has no plans of altering this or any other Webslinger’s sexuality.

    And if Wolverine were to one day wake up next to Gambit, would it even matter?

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