Superhero Movie Smack Down

Superhero Movie Smack Down – Round 3

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  • This is it, the final round of the Superhero Movie Smack Down! We have watched candidates rise and fall as Team Unwinnable has argued and readers have voted. When the dust settles, which superhero will stand victorious? You decide!


    Jen Sisco – Unbreakable

    What is a superhero? Surely the name itself leads one to believe that no ordinary person is capable of the same actions as a superhero. What makes a superhero necessary? Only super-evil acts perpetrated by a supervillain would require extraordinary or superhuman actions to stop them. My point is, without a supervillain there is no need for a superhero! This is the backbone of Unbreakable (2000), my pick for best superhero movie!!!

    This film explores the interconnectedness of the villain/hero dynamic. The villain, Mr. Glass (artfully portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson), is a man whose disability (osteogenesis imperfecta) causes his bones to shatter like glass from even the slightest collision. He views his own weakness along a continuum, which must remain in balance, for if there is one so weak as him there must be one equally strong or unbreakable.


    The hero, David Dunn (played by Bruce Willis), uncovers his natural strength after surviving a train accident that left all passengers dead except him. This accident – along with many other catastrophes – is the work of Mr. Glass, who is in search of his arch-nemesis, his opposite. He is a character whose life struggle has been to remain mediocre, but after the events of the accident he is unable to keep his true nature hidden.

    A man, in search of a job and on the brink of losing his wife and child, becomes a superhero when faced with the ferociously vile acts of Mr. Glass, which have claimed the lives of thousands. He becomes a hero to his family and to himself as well as to the community! This exploration of the roles of the hero and the villain make this a great superhero movie. Its setting and characters are believable and never hokey. For its gritty realism in the telling of a comic book story, vote Unbreakable for best superhero movie.

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