Nighthawks - Billy Dee Williams

Superman is Bigger than Ever!

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  • Yesterday, Team Unwinnable’s Brian Bannen leveled a hefty charge against this country’s most famous illegal immigrant, the Man of Steel himself, Superman! Apparently Mr. Bannen thinks that the Last Son of Krypton is irrelevant.

    I guess he disagrees with the three million people who tuned into the Smallville finale.

    I guess he disagrees with the Warner Brothers executives who tasked Zach “300” Snyder with making a new Superman film.

    I guess he disagrees with our pal, Billy Dee Williams!

    I’m here to tell you something, Dear Reader: Superman matters.

    Superman matters because he cares about one of the most prominent killers in this great nation.  That’s right, Superman cares about the American struggle with obesity.

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