Running the Gauntlet at the Museum of the Moving Image

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Recently, your humble author met up with noted filmmaker – and Arduino enthusiast – Geoff Gruetzmacher for a tour of the Museum of the Moving Image in my new hometown of Queens, New York.

Among the many items on exhibit – including Chewbacca’s actual head – was a line of old-school arcade games, many of them playable, including Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Pong, Tron…and my all-time favorite: Gauntlet.

To capture the joy of Gauntlet, and share some fun facts about the classic game, we made the film below. We hope you like it.

And remember: Don’t shoot food.


For more on the Museum of the Moving Image and its exhibitions, click here. For more on Matt Marrone, follow him on Twitter via @TheBigM.