Our Great Northeast Adventure

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  • Team Unwinnable is rolling out for Boston and PAX East 2011.

    PAX East 2011 is the second annual East Coast version of the Seattle based Penny Arcade Expo. Founded by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, the fine folks behind the Penny Arcade web comic, PAX was intended to be an expo that gave console, PC and tabletop games equal weight. What it has become is a weekend celebration of gaming culture where the professionals and the fans meet on equal footing.

    Unwinnable is here for the celebration. Myself, Chuck Moran, Ian Gonzales, Peter Lang, Don Becker, Dan Imperiale, Dave Trainer, Ken Lucas, Matt Marrone and Richie Procopio are here to talk games and geek culture.  Look forward to some live updates throughout the weekend and if you’re here, we’d love to meet you. Drop us a line via the contact page or in the comments and we’ll meet up for a beer or a round of Mortal Kombat!