Happy Holidays from Unwinnable!

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  • This year, Team Unwinnable sent out holiday cards to 500 of our closest friends. It was a first for us in a lot of ways and we learned some things. We learned that stamps are expensive. We learned that it takes six guys one hour to get 500 cards ready for mailing (we have yet to discover how many members of Team Unwinnable it takes to screw in a light bulb, however). We learned that Time Warner is too cheap to forward mail. We learned that it is next to impossible to track down mailing addresses for many of the blogs and writers we love.

    We did all that work and it turns out we forgot to send out the most important holiday card on the list. That would be the one meant for you, Dear Reader. And since we can’t seem to find your mailing address either, we hope this humble post will warm your heart for the holidays instead.

    Unwinnable 2010 Holiday CardUnwinnable 2010 Holiday CardUnwinnable 2010 Holiday Card