A Sackboy Christmas

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  • Sackboy ChristmasJust in time for Team Unwinnnable to get into the giving spirit of the season, the fine folks at PlayStation sent over a sack full of codes for the Little Big Planet 2 beta on the PlayStation Network. Want to Play, Create and Share ahead of the January 18 release and help Media Molecule smooth over the last of the rough patches? You’ve come to the right place!

    All you have to do is leave a comment using a working email address. Tell us your favorite LBP moment, the costume you most want to see Sackboy or Sackgirl in, the world you want to build or any thing else that you can think of that relates to Little Big Planet. Like in the game, the sky is the limit.

    Wow us, inspire us or just make us laugh and we will send you a code straight away. But be quick! We only have a limited number of them!

    [UPDATE: We have just run out of codes. Thanks for playing and keep an eye out for more contests in the coming weeks. Until then, happy holidays!]

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    69 thoughts on “A Sackboy Christmas

    1. Ethan says:

      I'm loving the idea of a Fallout: New Vegas costume. The NCR game cover armor would be awesome.

    2. Ethan says:

      My favorite part in LBP was creating. Not only the levels that others would post, but being able to create my own. Just amazing.

    3. Mason says:

      Tell us your favorite LBP moment, the costume you most want to see Sackboy or Sackgirl in, the world you want to build or any thing else that you can think of that relates to Little Big Planet.

      Taking my PS3 on its maiden voyage by playing LBP for the first time. Didn't beat the first level for a good hour because I was in so much awe and felt like a kid in a candy shop poking around and hanging on ledges so I can watch sackboy's legs flail. When I finally unlocked access to the community maps, I don't think I had a good night's sleep for another week. Sackboy was running through my mind when it wasn't running through hundreds of thousands of levels.

    4. James says:

      My favorite part of LBP is making some crazy custom vehicles to race, jump, flip or whatever. And for some reason, I just can't get enough of making sackboy pop! Just makes me laugh…

    5. Ross says:

      I always loved playing in multiplayer games and grabbing on to other players. It's a great way to pull people in the right direction without screaming at them over a headset. It's also fun just to mess with friends that are trying to do something productive.

    6. billtimbob says:

      The best in LBP was making awesome, near-unbeatable levels to troll my friends with!

    7. Hesh says:

      LOve LBPlanet! My son and I play it whenever we have a chance – GREAT game! My son has a few super hero costumes we've bought him over the years – he now refers to putting them on as "upgrading my sackboy"

    8. TJP says:

      My favorite moment of LBP was the first time me and my friends played through a level that I created. Since it was my first creation it was nothing impressive especially compared to some of the levels online. Regardless, it was a great experience for me to run through my own level with my friends and see my creation come to life.

    9. James Roe says:

      deck the halls with lots of sackboys
      beta keys make users happy
      looking forward to R2 slapping
      new game modes make me happy

      beta keys prease

    10. Steve says:

      GT5 racing levels and racer sackboy would be awesome!

    11. Bzmillah says:

      I would love to see some pokemon costumes that would be awesome!
      My favorite moment was when me and my friend joined a custom map which taught you how to make your own sonic costumes.

    12. Rob says:

      I'm really looking forward to trying out the Move controller with LBP2. My fiance and I like playing LBP1 together but it can get frustrating if one person gets stuck somewhere or can't get the hang of something. The Move will give us a different way to play together.

    13. Dee says:

      My Christmas tree is decorated brown and gold, with ribbons and sparkles. And to match, the most important part, the topper: http://imgur.com/wEfoD.jpg

      I'm pretty dedicated. 🙂 The holidays would be so much happier with a new game to keep my sackboy company!

    14. Stu Horvath says:

      Wow, that is pretty intense! Well done!

    15. Omar Medina says:

      I'd like to see a Gears of War themed sackboy 😀

    16. Amanda says:

      Hello Kitty sackgirl ^_^

    17. zanders3 says:

      I'm looking forward to attempting to make a working computer with create mode in LBP2! The power of the create mode looks absolutely incredible. I'm also planning to re-create some of my indie games I've made inside of LBP2.

      It allows anybody to create almost any 2D game idea really quickly without any programming knowledge – new, unique gameplay is sure to emerge! Where will this game be in 6 months time?

    18. Stu Horvath says:

      That's it folks, we are ALL OUT OF CODES. Thanks for playing and have a great holiday!

    19. Karla Kisoon says:

      I love this game! 😀
      I wanna see a Sly Cooper Sackboy, and a Sly Cooper map 😀
      That old game was so good.

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